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Who can use the program? Washington State agencies, including but not limited to Enterprise Services, institutions of higher education, boards, commissions and political subdivisions (e.g., counties, cities, school districts, or public utility districts) as set forth in the Interlocal Cooperation Act, chapter 39.34 RCW, and public-benefit nonprofit corporations that are eligible to receive services from DES under chapter 39.26 RCW.

Delegation of Authority

Effective January 1, 2013 and unless otherwise exempted by law, Washington State agencies are delegated authority for the procurement of goods and services set forth in Policy #DES-090-00. This delegation is independent of the funding source for the procurement. When projecting contract values, agencies should do so in a manner that is true to the intent of these thresholds.

Washington State agencies' delegation of authority for second tier competitions as applicable to this contract is limited to the delegation set forth in Policy #DES-090-00.
Am I required to use the program? In accordance with Policy # DES-125-03 – Direct Buy Procurements/Purchases, state agencies must use existing "qualified master contracts" before engaging in a direct buy.

See also DES-140-00 – Sole Source Contracts.

Non-state agency purchasers should purchase in accordance with their organizations policies.
Am I required to coordinate a solicitation? The ITPS program is a "two-tiered" competitive solicitation program intended to "prequalify" vendors to submit proposals to separate solicitations issued by state agency purchasers seeking IT services (the actual work).
How many vendors am I required to notify? In accordance with the intent of RCW 39.26 to promote open competition and transparency for all contracts for goods and services entered into by state agencies, Enterprise Services recommends that all vendors within a specified category are selected and does not recommend a minimum number of vendors to notify.

Should you choose to select fewer than all vendors within a category, you may be required to substantiate your award decision if requested by an auditor.

More information

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