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What about my existing agreements?

Old categories and their respective contracts will terminate as new categories and contracts are implemented. As these events occur, Enterprise Services will provide update broadcasts and remain available for status updates. Existing work orders will survive the expiration of the old contracts. Any new work, on the other hand, will require second-tier competitions or Sole Source agreements to be executed.

Where are solicitation documents posted?

Solicitation documents are posted to Washington State’s enterprise vendor registration and bid notification system (currently Washington’s Electronic Business Solution or WEBS).

Contractors must be registered in WEBS in order to compete in first and second tier solicitations. View WEBS Registration & Search Tips. Questions about the registration process may be directed to or (360) 902-7400, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

For further detail, see WEBS Vendor FAQ.

How do I become prequalified in a category?

DES coordinates prequalification or 'First-Tier' solicitations by category using the following process:

  1. FOR EACH CATEGORY, DES develops mandatory requirements for prequalification.
  2. The requirements are solicited in WEBS. For a projected first-tier prequalification schedule and status of categories, see the ITPS homepage.
  3. Bidders attempt to prequalify by responding to the solicitations.
  4. DES evaluates responses and negotiates master contracts with bidders who meet the requirements of the solicitations.
  5. Companies who are awarded a master contract, are added to the applicable prequalified list within WEBS for state agency purchasers to use when soliciting for their project work.
  6. Once initial award activities are complete within a category, the requirements of that category’s initial solicitation will be resolicited in a separate process for 'open enrollment' periods in which additional vendors are permitted to respond for prequalification.
Note: DES assumes no responsibility for expediting the prequalification process.
How do I obtain work?

For each project, state agency purchasers determine which IT service category applies and they solicit proposals from the appropriate vendor pool within WEBS. Proposals will only be entertained from vendors with a master contract FOR THE SPECIFIED CATEGORY.


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