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The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is responsible for issuing contract guidelines for client service contracts, but agencies procure and award their own client service contracts.

What are client service contracts

Client services are defined in RCW 39.26.010 as 'services provided directly to agency clients including, but not limited to, medical and dental services, employment and training programs, residential care, and subsidized housing.'

Who are clients

Clients are generally members of the public, external to state government, who have social, physical, medical, economic, or educational needs. These individuals may require government assistance to meet those needs. Clients are those who the agency has statutory responsibility to serve, protect, or oversee.

For example, clients of the Department of Social and Health Services include nursing home patients, institutionalized individuals, or children in need of therapy. Clients of the Department of Labor and Industries include injured workers. Clients of the Employment Security Department include unemployed and displaced workers.

Client Service Contracts Database (CSCD)

The purpose of the central database of client service contracts is to assist agencies that award most of the state’s client service contracts in coordinating their contract oversight activities.

Access CSCD 

Agencies that currently submit data to CSCD

  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Employment Security
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Labor & Industries
  • Military Department
  • Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Department of Social & Health Services
  • Department of Veterans Affairs

Help and access

If you need access to the CSCD, contact your agency CSCD administrator. If you do not know who your agency administrator is, contact DES Customer Resource Center at (360) 407-8141 or email