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Mission Statement

Through learning and development, we promote excellence and innovation in Washington State Public Procurement.

Program Purpose

The C&P Training and Development Team is authorized by RCW 39.26.110, Training.  Our mission is that through learning and development, we promote excellence and innovation in Washington State public procurement.  Washington State C&P provides tools, applications, and training on the following subjects so that others throughout the state can do their job:

Socio-Economic Preferences  |  Environmental Preferences  |  Contract Management  |  Contracts and Procurement Ethics  |  Contracts and Procurement for Executives | Small Purchasing  |  Professional Level Purchasing and Procurement  

Strategic Plan

  1. Develop, maintain, and improve the Enterprise Wide C&P Mobile & Online Training System.
  2. Communicate all deliverables updates, changes, and requirements.
  3. Continuously build business relationships and partnerships with Advisory groups, key stakeholders, SMEs and customers.
  4. Support Internal DES C&P in their administrative and training and developing needs.
  5. Improve processes by establishing and maintaining and measuring matrixes.
  6. Stay on the cutting edge of Training Industry and IT Standards.

Contracts and Procurement Training

As people join state agencies or transfer to new jobs within the state, they need the training appropriate to do their new jobs. There is a 90-day window to take the required training. No agency employee may execute or manage a contract unless they have met the training requirement, according to the RCW.

The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) oversees the Washington State Training and Certification Program for the procurement of goods and services, as directed by Revised Code of Washington (RCW) chapter 39.26.110.

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