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PCBs & Procurement Training



WA-State PCBs & Procurement training

WA-State PCBs & Procurement training is now available on the LMS. This new eLearning course will provide professionals who develop procurements with the tools they need to reduce PCBs in Washington’s waterways. Preview this video with Senator Andy Billig to learn more about PCBs, and how they affect our environment. And while you are here, check out the new PCBs Risk Calculator and PCBs Desk Aid.

If you don’t need credit in the LMS and would like to take the course from the website, you may access it here: PCBs & Procurement Web eLearning.

If you complete this course within the WA-State LMS, you will receive a one-minute refresher within 6 months of completing the course. The refresher is optional and anonymous. For more information about the refreshers associated with this course, please read the Refresher FAQs.

Chart showing who takes the PCBs & Procurement course: ATG	11, DSB	41, DOC	204, DSHS 51, DES 58, GMB 14, HCA 25, DOH 16, LNI 11, DNR 52, PARKS	15, DOR	52, WSP	24, WSDOT 205, DCYF	12, ECY	11, ESD	19, UW 8, DOL	5, AGR 7