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Training Program for Contract Monitors and Managers


For Contract Monitors & Managers - Those who do post-award work only

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Required Training (Available in LMS)


Highly Recommended 


As an Employee of Washington State or Higher Education, you will take contracts and procurement training through the state's Learning Management System (LMS) in order to gain course credit and certificates of completion. 

Are you a Contract Monitor or Contract Manager? 

For the purposes of the Contract and Procurement Training Program, we consider you a Contract Manager or Contract Monitor if you are only responsible for working on the contract post-award. Below are the job duties that Contract Managers and Contract Monitors do: 

  • Alerts procurement professional of problems with contract
  • Approves invoices, confirms satisfactory vendor products and services
  • Assesses and mitigates risk
  • Communicates with contractor or vendor
  • Conducts contract close out process
  • Conducts contract negotiations with procurement professional
  • Determines deliverables, requirements and/or specifications for contracts
  • Determines if an amendment to contract is necessary
  • Ensures budgeting for contract
  • Identifies and works with subject matter experts or stakeholders regarding contracts
  • Manages and monitors the contract
  • Negotiates with vendor
  • Partners and collaborates contracting needs with procurement professional
  • Partners with contract office to ensure compliance
  • Progressive documentation of contract
  • Provides technical assistance to contractors
  • Provides technical assistance to vendor
  • Provides vendor communications
  • Responds to audit inquiry
  • Successfully initiates a procurement need and/or request for a contract

If you do the above items as well as more pre-award duties, see the Contract & Procurement Professional page.

If you still have questions: Contact the Training and Development team via email.