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Training Program for Contract & Procurement Professionals


For Contract & Procurement Professionals - Those who do pre-award and post-award work as a primary part of their job

Required Training (Available in LMS)

Highly Recommended

As an Employee of Washington State or Higher Education, you will take contracts and procurement training through the Washington State Learning Center in order to gain course credit and certificates of completion.

Are you a Contract & Procurement Professional?

For Contract and Procurement Training Program purposes, we consider you to be a Contract & Procurement Professional if you work on contracts pre-award and/or post-award as a primary part of your job.Depending on the structure of your agency, you may be required to take these courses even if being a procurement professional is not your primary job. DES entrusts agency leadership to make this determination. Below are some job duties that Contract & Procurement Professionals do:

  • Advises and consult in procurement law, policy procedure
  • Advises and consults in internal and/or external with agency, state organizations, vendors regarding procurement
  • Advises on procurement law/policy/procedures
  • Assesses or manages procurement risk
  • Assists in vendor cures
  • Conducts negotiations for goods and services
  • Conducts training on procurement of goods and/or services
  • Consults with stakeholders, vendors and contract managers
  • Coordinates and conducts purchases and procurements
  • DES only – develops master contracts
  • DES only – provides procurement/contract oversight
  • Determines contract termination
  • Determines supplier diversity strategy
  • Determines sustainability and green (environment) procurement
  • Determines vendor cures and terminations
  • Determines when to bring in AG re: procurement
  • Develops and manages contract database systems
  • Develops contract specifications and requirements
  • Develops convenience contracts
  • Develops procurement and contract documentation
  • Develops procurement and evaluation strategy
  • Develops procurement documents and contracts
  • Develops procurement strategy
  • Develops specifications for the contract of goods or services
  • Files sole source contracts
  • Manages purchasing card(s) (P-card)
  • Mitigates procurement risk
  • Negotiations for contracts of goods or services
  • Partners and collaborates with Contract Manager/Monitor
  • Partners with and advises contract managers
  • Posts on WEBS/determine other vehicles for procurement
  • Prepares procurement/contract related fiscal notes
  • Purchases/procurement coordination
  • Responds to legislative bill analysis regarding procurement
  • Schedules, writes procurement policy, inventory controls
  • Top level management of supply chain
  • Writes procurement policy

If you still have questions: Contact theTraining and Development team via email.