Executive Management Purchasing and Procurement Course Info


This is a required training for managers with organization or agency authority including ensuring compliance, authorizing organization procurements, agency wide risk management in procurement and delegating procurement authority.


State employees required to take WA-State Executive Management Purchasing and Procurement are also required to take WA-State Purchasing and Procurement Ethics.

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You are required to take this training if you perform the following duties:

  • Ensures agency compliance with procurement laws/policies and procedures
  • Authorizes procurement
  • Requests additional delegated authority and exemptions
  • Executes contracts or delegates authority
  • Sometimes manages contracts or participates in procurement activities.
  • Responsible for organization compliance to laws, policy and procedures
  • Authorizes procurement for organization
  • Responsible for procurement risk management within state agency that determines delegated authority
  • Delegates procurement authority in organization including signature authority