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Purchase Card Implementation Process


A standard implementation takes 30-60 days, based on program needs and their responsiveness to U.S. Bank requirements.

Stage Who Does It Description

Note: ALL who wish to participate under this Master Contract must fill out the documents above. The indication of 'political subdivision' on the US Bank documents is for US Bank internal and apply to all WA State Agencies, Poli-Subs, etc.

3 U.S. Bank
  • Confirms receipt of the package (within 3 business days)
  • Reviews WA Addendum & financials
  • Complete contract/credit review (within 30 business days of complete required documentation)
4 U.S. Bank
  • Upon Approval - US Bank Implementation Manager will set up an implementation meeting.
    • Introduction/Training for Access Online
    • Determine AGY/ORG Access Online Requirements
    • Set up required Access Online Accounts (ID, Passwords)
    • Additional documentation may be required.
  • Complete & Forward any additional documentation to US Bank (as needed/directed in step 4).
  • Develop internal policies, procedures, and training.
  • Inform US Bank Implementation Manger of training needs.
6 U.S. Bank
  • Provide Access Online User ID(s)
  • Provide card setup quick reference guide
  • Send out cards (physical only)

*Within 10 days of receipt of required documentation

  • Submits any additional Access Online account requests
  • Activate Cards