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Purchasing from Washington State Contracts


All membership to the Washington State Purchasing Cooperative (Co-op) ended on June 30, 2013. This program ceased to function as of July 1, 2013 and is replaced by the Master Contracts Usage Agreement (MCUA). Customers who wish to make purchases off of Washington State Contracts need to have signed an MCUA.

As of July 1, 2013
Master Contract Customers
Master Contracts Usage Agreement (MCUA)

To use state contracts entities sign a Master Contracts Usage Agreement

Entities that can join by agreement:

  • State Agencies
  • State Boards
  • State Commissions
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Offices of Separate Elected Officials
  • Local Government Agencies
  • Federal Agencies
  • Washington State Tribal Entities
  • Public Benefit Nonprofit Corporations (PBNP)
    • Organization with 501(C)3 tax status that have filed PBNP status with the Secretary of State. For filing information, go to
    • More information about purchasing agreements with Public Benefit Non-profit: RCW 39.34.055.
    • More information about Public Benefit Non-profit designation: RCW 24.03.490.
No membership fee
A Master Contracts Usage Agreement required
No termination date of agreement

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