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Washington Purchasing Manual (for Historical Reference)


The Washington Purchasing Manual contained both required procedures and guidelines that applied to the purchase of goods and services until December 31, 2012. These procedures and guidelines have changed as a result of Procurement Reform. The manual, its directives and technical corrections, and delegated authorities are provided for historical reference purposes.


Washington Purchasing Manual

 Directives and technical corrections

DES Directive Purchasing Manual Policy Date Issued
WPM 10-11 Update to the Washington Purchasing Manual 27-Oct-11
WPM 08-10 Update to the Washington Purchasing Manual 19-Aug-10
WPM 07-09 Update to the Washington Purchasing Manual 26-Jul-09
WPM 07-07 Increase of competitive bid threshold 28-Jun-07
WPM 07-05 Revisions of several chapters 10-May-07
WPM 06-08 Revisions of several chapters 09-Aug-06
WPM 05-10 Revisions of several chapters 28-Oct-05
WPM 05-08 Revisions of several chapters 25-Aug-05
WPM 05-07 Increase of competitive bid threshold 12-Jul-05
WPM 04-12 Revisions of several chapters 30-Dec-04
WPM 04-11 Revisions of several chapters 09-Nov-04
WPM 04-07 Revisions of several chapters 01-Jul-04
WPM 03-04 Cross reference target errors in Part 12 Crosswalk corrected 22-Jul-03
WPM 03-03 Revisions to Part 9 Other Types of Purchases and Part 12 Crosswalk 09-Jul-03
WPM 03-02 Updates to Hyperlinks in section 6.10 23-Jun-03
WPM 03-01 General Authorities redesign and reissue 10-Jun-03

Specific purchasing authorities by agency

Agency Purchasing Authority
Corrections, Department of DOC SA
Ecology, Department of ECY SA
Fish and Wildlife, Department of DFW SA
Gambling Commission, Washington State WSGC SA
Health, Department of DOH SA
Health Care Authority HCA SA
Labor & Industries, Department of LNI SA
Liquor Control Board LCB SA
Lottery, Washington State Lottery SA
Social and Health Services, Department of DSHS SA

Transportation, Department of