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Organization Administrators


Account Administrator Support

Hours: Monday thru Friday, 5 A.M. to 5 P.M. PST

Phone: 888-282-7853



For eligible agencies, boards, commissions, school districts, higher education institutes, office of elected officials, or local government entities.

View instructions to get your organization started.


Once your account is created, determine how your organization needs to be configured:

Do you have:

  • 10 purchasers or less
  • No need to organize users into for subgroups

Use the Simple Setup

Do you have:

  • 11 purchasers or more
  • Need guided buying (i.e., the ability to turn off certain purchasing categories so your employees can't purchase items)
  • Need to organize users into subgroups

Use the Advanced Setup

We have created communication templates for you to use when sending announcement and invitation messages to your purchasers. View the communication templates.


"How to" Instruction Documents

Add people to the account

Adding subgroups to the account

Use guided buying

Check account transition status

Deregister an existing Amazon Business account

How to cancel your Amazon Prime Membership


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