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LCM Environmental Review


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The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process identifies and analyzes environmental impacts associated with governmental decisions. It is designed to ensure that environmental values are considered during decision-making.

DES is conducting an environmental review for the LCM Global program, which will govern a series of actions on a segment of the West Capitol Campus. The environmental review is called a non-project, or "programmatic," SEPA checklist. It will study the cumulative impacts of planned actions, including updates to the cultural and historical character and composition of the segment of West Capitol Campus. It will also study the cumulative impacts related to construction projects on the Newhouse, Pritchard and O'Brien project.

Additional environmental reviews will study phased sub-projects including Irving R. Newhouse replacement and Joel M. Pritchard rehabilitation, and John L. O'Brien renovation. These will focus on site specific information not detailed in the programmatic SEPA checklist.

More information about the SEPA process can be found on the Washington State Department of Ecology Overview of Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) website.

Checklists and supporting documentation



LCM Non-Project SEPA environmental review. 

The public comment period on this environmental review is now closed.

View LCM Non-Project environmental review

View LCM Non-Project Threshold Determination

View supporting documentation for the checklist

Newhouse Replacement Project SEPA environmental review

Public comment period is now closed. 

View Newhouse Replacement project environmental review

View Newhouse Replacement Project Threshold Determination

View supporting documentation for the checklist

LCM Modular Building draft SEPA environmental review.  

Public comment period is closed.

View draft LCM Modular environmental review

View LCM Modular Threshold Determination

View supporting documentation for the checklist

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