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  • Damien Bernard, Program Manager, Print & Mail Services, (360) 664-4374
  • Jason Bippert, Production Support Manager, Print & Mail Services, (360) 664-4332
  • Josh Klika, Procurement and Contracts, (360) 407-7939
  • Jeff Kesseler, DES Internal Print Operations, (360) 407-8259

Print management is the overarching general term that applies to the management of all agency printing operations, including agency self-service and supplier generated printed material, services, and/or equipment. 

Statewide Print Management Strategies Team

Enterprise Services supports a Statewide Print Management Strategies Team that convenes occasionally to further statewide collaboration. This ad-hoc team includes representatives from a variety of state agencies, boards, commissions, and institutions of higher education. 


Meeting schedules & presentations


February 27


January 23
April 17


January 31
April 25
July 26
October 24


Consolidated Annual Print Management Status Reports

All state agencies, boards, commissions, and institutions of higher education are required by WAC 200-380 to report their print management implementation status annually.  This information guides outreach efforts and helps agencies learn from each other to develop more efficient printing practices. 

Policies, Standards, and Procedures

View samples of policies, standards and procedures. This list will be updated periodically. 

The print management policy for Enterprise Services will be added to the combined policies in the next update. Read the policy and the standards and procedures.