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For staff:

Department of Enterprise Services offers courses that meet the required or recommended training for state employees as addressed by RCW, WAC, Executive Order, or other policies.


Required training is, at a minimum, any training specified by Revised Code of Washington (RCW), Washington Administrative Code (WAC), State Administrative & Accounting Manual (SAAM), or federal requirements for all of specific groups of employees of the state of Washington. An agency may require additional training for its employees in support of agency policies or procedures.


Bloodborne Pathogens

What: WAC 296-823-100
Who: Agency employees who take first aid training.
Frequency: Once

Computer Software Piracy

What: Executive Order 00-02
Who: Appropriate agency staff
Frequency: Once

Contract Management

What: RCW 39.26.110
Who: Anyone responsible for executing or managing personal service contracts and client service contracts
Frequency: Training related information on procurement and contract management is available at the Procurement and Contract Training website.

Customer Service

What: Executive Order 03-01
Who: Public Sector Employees and Managers
Frequency: Once


What: Executive Order 12-02
Who: State agency personnel & WMS Managers
Frequency: Once
  Available Class Dates
  Available Class Dates - SHADE

Information Technology Security Training

What: IT Security Training
  RCW 43.41A.027 & OCIO Policy 141 - (5, 6)
Who: State agency personnel
Frequency: Annually to ensure staff are aware of changed to IT secuirty standards and policies

Office Safety

What: WAC 296-800-14020
Who: All employees in the field of occupational safety and health
Frequency: Prior to their job assignment

Performance Management

What: WAC 357-58-385
Who: WMS employees
Frequency: Once

Supervisor & Management Development

What: WAC 357-34-065 or WAC 357-34-055
Who: New Supervisors or managers, or Supervisors or managers new to state service
Frequency: Once
Available Courses Leading Others (formerly Supervision Essentials Phase 1)

Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention

What: WAC 357-34-100 & WAC 357-34-065
Who: All state employees
Frequency: Within six months of appointment and then every five years
  Available Class Dates
  Available Class Dates - SHADE

Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors and Managers

What: WAC 357-34-105
Who: All state supervisors and managers
Frequency: Within six months of appointment and then every three years
  Available Instructor Led Course Dates
  Available Online Training

Violence in the Workplace

What: Executive Order 96-05
Who: All State employees
Frequency: Once
  Available Course Dates

Agency Required Training and Additional Recommended:

Ethics in State Government

What: RCW 42.56.365
Though not required state-wide, is often an agency-required course.
Who: All State Employees


  Available Course Dates
  Available Class Dates - SHADE

First Aid

What: First Aid Training
Who: State agency personnel

whenver certificate expries, for staff not in proximity to an infirmary, clinic, or hospital.

Proximity is generally defined as 3-4 minutes from the workplace. U.S. Dept. of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration available

Available Courses

First Aid Basics

First Aid Plus


New Employee Orientation (all or portions of it)

What: WAC 200-600-015
Who: New employees
Frequency: Once


Open Government Training


Open Public Meetings and Records Management and Retention Training

Who: Records Officers, Members of Governing Bodies, Elected Local and Statewide Officials
Frequency: Once with 'refresher' training every four years

Public Records Act - Model Rules

RCW 42.56

RCW 42.30 & RCW 42.32

RCW 40.14

Quality Management


RCW 43.17.385

Training on a quality management, accountability, and performance system

Who: Managers and staff at all levels
Frequency: Not mandated, provide training necessary for successful implementation. Lean is a preferred statewide training.