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Information Security Certificate


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For staff:

The Information Security Certificate is designed for IT professionals and those wanting to advance their careers in the IT security field, as well as anyone needing to develop and implement data and internet security strategies.

This certificate covers the essential skills in the information security domain.  The program’s curriculum focuses on problem-solving skills and techniques needed to provide computer-based solutions to security issues; in addition, this series will provide relevant experience to any student preparing for the Security+ or GSEC exams.  The classes can be taken in any order as they fit into your schedule; we recommend starting with Security: Malware, Networks and more then take the rest of the classes in the order listed. 



  • Allows participants to be recognized as having demonstrated professional competence and integrity in IT Security.
  • Sets a benchmark for establishing and maintaining high standards of both professional practice and ethical conduct.
  • Provides a clear pathway for professionals to pursue careers in IT Security.
  • Creates opportunities for established IT professionals to continue to sharpen their professional skills and ethical performance as technology changes.
Information Security Courses - 91 Hours to Complete
Security: Malware, Networks and More
Security: Physical Risks and Disasters
Security: Digitral Forensics
Security: Web Servers, Browsers and Cloud
Security: Internet Privacy and Browsing Anonymously
Security: Penetration Testing Level 1
Security: Penetration Testing Level 2