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Leading Teams


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Leading Teams is designed for those who manage managers, in particular managers who have gone through Leading Others. This course focuses on the mindset and skills needed to successfully lead teams in the public sector. We will explore how to motivate staff, manage risk, and develop effective teams to meet your organization's objectives.

You will learn communication strategies, suggestions to manage conflict, and how to help your teams to navigate change effectively.

Customer testimonials

  • I would strongly encourage folks to attend, because it can be a very reflective and rewarding experience where you gain more self-awareness and perhaps get re-energized.
  • Overall, this was an excellent class with very insightful and inspiring instructors!
  • Fabulous class! So much to take back and practice.
  • I feel like I have a ton of tools I can employ. I am much better prepared to lead my team to success and handle the bumps along the path getting there.
  • I grew by getting the tools that I needed to have new perspective, ideas, and developed cohorts to have a larger network of sounding boards.
  • The course really made me think about "What kind of a leader do I want to be?" With that question, you all provided tools and resources on how I can get there.
  • What a special class! This is the best training I've ever been to.

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