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Services for Fleet Operations Vehicles


Scheduled maintenance or repairs

Maintenance should occur at scheduled intervals based on the vehicle type and mileage (see State Fleet Operations quick reference sheet).

The assigned driver and the agency vehicle coordinator will receive email notification of the required maintenance up to 750 miles before it is due. The email will contain an inspection sheet, which must be faxed by the vendor to Fleet Operations at (360) 507-9262 or e-mailed to after the maintenance is performed.

Note: Because newly consolidated vehicles may not have a maintenance history with us, you could potentially receive notifications for service that are incorrect. If that is the case, please contact fleet operations.

In certain locations, Fleet Operations and/or partner agencies perform scheduled maintenance or unscheduled repairs. If you are within the following counties, you can request service online by clicking on the county link below. Your information will be sent directly to the partner city/county agency fleet operations shop:

  • Thurston County
  • Cowlitz County is no longer servicing Fleet Operations vehicles. Please contact 1-800-542-6840 for assistance.
  • King County
  • Snohomish County is not servicing Fleet Operations vehicles at this time. Please contact 1-800-542-6840 for assistance.
  • Spokane County

You may also refer to this map for contact information of vendors with loaner vehicles, contracted tire, and contracted glass vendors. For all other locations or if you have any questions, please contact fleet operations.

Loaner Vehicles

You can request a loaner vehicle at the time you schedule your vehicle for maintenance. Charges for these vehicles are as follows:

  • Fones Road location – Mileage rate only
  • Other county locations – No charge

Basic Oil Changes, etc.

You may use a local “quick lube” vendor for basic services such as oil changes, windshield wiper replacements, fluid top-offs, etc. Any maintenance over $100 performed by a vendor must be pre-authorized by Fleet Operations. You can receive authorization by calling us at 1-800-542-6840. In addition, all invoices must be signed by the driver to indicate the service was received.