Charge Your Electric Vehicle

There are three electric vehicle charging cards issued with electric vehicles:

  • A Greenlots RFID keychain that may be used at all Greenlots charging stations.
  • A ChargePoint RFID tag that may be used at ChargePoint charging stations.
  • An eVgo RFID card that may be used at eVgo charging stations

You can find charging stations on these networks by visiting PlugShare.com and filtering to show the appropriate stations.

Purchase fuel

Fleet Operations vehicles are equipped with two fueling cards:

Voyager Fuel Card

Card can be used for the following services:

  • Purchase of regular unleaded gas
    • Card can only be used at the pump
    • A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required. If you do not know your PIN, please contact your Agency Transportation Officer.
    • If prompted for a zip code, use 98504
    • An odometer reading is required
  • Car washes if the car wash is located at a fueling station. You must pump fuel prior to purchasing a car wash.
  • Emergency roadside assistance from Fleet Rescue Road Service (800) 356-9316

Department of Transportation (DOT) Fuel Card

Card can be used at WSDOT fueling stations by swiping the magnetic strip and entering a PIN number. If you do not know your PIN number, please contact your Agency Transportation Officer or Fleet Operations at (360) 664-9215. For a list of stations, see WSDOT Fuel Stations.

Fuel cards must be kept secured at all times, and should not be stored in the vehicle. If you have a problem with a fuel card, please call the number located on the blue cardholder on the vehicle key ring. If a fuel card is lost, contact your Agency Transportation Officer immediately.

Get 24-hr roadside assistance

Call Fleet Rescue Service at (800) 356-9316. You will be required to provide the following:

  • Voyager Card number and expiration date (charges are billed to the card so you will not receive an invoice)
  • Your pin number is required
  • Vehicle description (year, make, model and license plate)
  • Exact location of the vehicle (street address, cross street, etc.)
  • Phone number you are calling from

If Fleet Rescue is unable to get the vehicle running, have them tow the vehicle to:

  • The Fleet Operations Fones Road facility if you are in Thurston County; or
  • The nearest repair facility or dealership if you are outside Thurston County. A list of authorized vendors can be found in the vehicle glove box. Please call Fleet Operations the next business day for further instructions.

Roadside assistance is available for all 'M' plate vehicles. In all cases, be sure to contact us at (800) 542-6840 as soon as possible. Leave a message if beyond normal business hours.

Report an accident

What do I do if I have an accident?

Refer to the Collision Reporting Procedure in the Enterprise-Wide Transportation Policy.

What information should I provide to a third-party driver or their insurance company if they contact me?

You should refer them to the Department of Enterprise Services (DES), Office of Risk Management at (360) 407-9199. They will respond to inquiries and/or handle any tort claims.

I had a minor accident and there is no visible damage to my state vehicle. Do I still need to report it?

Yes. Any type of accident must be reported by filling out the CEI Group’s accident report. There may be damages to the vehicle that you cannot see. You should also follow your agency’s internal accident policy.

If my vehicle was vandalized, do I need to fill out the CEI Group’s accident report?

It depends. Please call Fleet Operations at (800) 542-6840 for information and instructions.

Can I get another vehicle while mine is being repaired?

If within Thurston County, call Fleet Operations at (360) 664-9215 Option #1. Inform them of the situation, and a loaner may be issued (if available). If outside Thurston County, call Fleet Operations at (800) 542-6840 to find the location of the nearest loaner vehicle (if available).​