State Vehicle FAQ

What should I do if I have a dead battery, I am locked out of my vehicle, or I have a tire blowout?

  • Call Fleet Rescue Road Service at (800) 356-9316.

I was in an accident, or noticed body damage to a state vehicle. Who do I call?

  • Report the accident or damage immediately to CEI, our accident management vendor, at (877) 443-5777. Do not contact CEI if there is only glass damage to the vehicle.

What do I do if the windshield or windows on the vehicle are damaged?

  • You may contact Safelite Autoglass at (800) 469-3941 to make an appointment. Safelite will need to contact our Maintenance Shop for our account number for payment at (800) 542-6840.

Will Fleet Operations supply studded tires?

  • Fleet Operations vehicles are equipped with all-season radials, snow, or mud and snow (M/S) tires. We will not authorize the use of studded tires due to the increased wear they put on the roads, but will authorize an ice or snow tire at the expense of your agency. Fleet Operations will cover the mounting/dismounting of the tires, but your agency must store the tires when not in use.

What do I do if I get a traffic or parking ticket?

  • The state driver is personally liable and responsible for any parking/traffic tickets and impounding. Fleet Operations receives a copy of the ticket and notifies the ATO.

Is it true that a state vehicle will not get a ticket if you park in front of a meter because it has a state decal?

  • Fleet Operations vehicles do not have special privileges and must adhere to all parking regulations. If a driver receives a parking ticket while driving a state vehicle, it is the driver's responsibility to pay the fine.

My fuel pin number is not working. What do I do?

  • Contact Fleet Operations at 360-664-9210 while you are at the gas station so we can verify you’re in the Voyager system and that the card is not locked.

If I use my personal card to pay for fuel will I get reimbursed?

  • Yes, you can submit a reimbursement form with the receipt to Fleet Operations and we will reimburse you for fuel purchased.

I’m headed East over the mountains and the pass requires chains, but there are none in the vehicle, and I’m not sure if the vehicle takes chains!

  • Chains may be requested by submitting a Tire Chain Request to We need all of the information on the form in order to process your request.

I cannot make a reservation in the reservation portal because my driver’s license expiration date is not up to date. How do I get this updated?

  • Contact Fleet Operations at (360) 664-9210 or email us at We are the only ones that can update your information.

I am having trouble logging into the INVERS Reservation System, and I need to reserve a vehicle. Who do I need to contact?

  • Please contact our Dispatch Desk at (360) 664-9207 or email us at 

How can I get the car washed? Can I take the vehicle anywhere?

  • The easiest way to get a car wash is to go to a gas station that accepts the Voyager card and purchase a car wash at the pump when you are paying for fuel. If drivers cannot get to a co-located car wash and gas station, they can find a sample list of car washes here, but agencies are not required to only go to businesses on the list. If a car wash business can bill Fleet Operations directly for their services and they have a statewide vendor number, we will pay their bill.  If they do not wish to bill for services, drivers will need to pay for the car wash at their or the agency expense and submit for credit or reimbursement.  There are a few car wash businesses that require Fleet vehicles be on their list of approved vehicles, the largest business being Mister Car Wash.