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HRMS Training

HRMS Quotas (1 Day)

This course gives you an overview of how to efficiently work with employee quota accruals. We will discuss when you should create manual adjustments and provide resources for identifying current balances for employees. You will perform hands-on activities and access HRMS reports in a training environment.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Explain new terms and key components of quota accruals and maintenance.
    • Create and maintain shared leave quota for inter and intra-agency donations and recipients.
    • Explain the process of quota corrections and when they should be made.
    • Prepare a leave buyout during the annual sick leave buyout process.
    • Run HRMS reports.
    • Access and navigate the Online Quick Reference (OLQR).

    Competencies covered in this class: Maintenance of employee quota balances

      Intended Audience: HRMS end users mapped to the Payroll Processor and Leave Correction Processor roles.

        NOTE: A $50 No Show/Late Cancellation fee applies to this class.


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