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Risk Management

Sexual Harassment Awareness, Diversity & Ethics ( 1 Day)

This class is designed to meet the requirements set forth in RCW, WAC, and/or Executive Order for Sexual Harassment Awareness and Diversity training. This course also includes Ethics in Public Service Act, RCW 42.52 and WAC 292-110-010, Use of Resources.

You will learn how sexual harassment impacts the workplace, including the victim, harasser, co-workers, customers, and the public. In addition, this course will inform you on the topic of diversity, the significance of a diverse workforce, and the importance of respecting all employees regardless of differences. You will also be provided with a basic awareness and understanding of the standards for ethical behavior. This class will cover the roles and responsibilities of employees, supervisors and managers in each of these topical areas.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

      • Recognize behavior that constitutes sexual harassment and behavior that doesn’t.
      • Discuss the high cost impact of sexual harassment.
      • Identify resources that are available.
      • Demonstrate techniques that can be used to prevent sexual harassment.
      • Understand the importance and meaning of diversity.
      • Practice behaviors necessary to promote positive results from diverse perspectives
      • Identify and be aware of behaviors and language that stereotype
      • Know the current demographic picture of the state’s workforce
      • Identify appropriate and inappropriate ethical conduct
      • Understand appropriate use of state resources

      Competencies covered in this class: Respect, relationship building

        Intended Audience: Public Sector Employees

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