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Document Your Data Mastering Metadata (1/2 Day)


Due to the increasing availability of geospatial data on the web, and the expanding universe of GIS users, accurate and up-to-date metadata is now, more than ever, a key part of data use, maintenance, and development. The creation of metadata that conforms to GIS community standards, is closely integrated with your data, and is stored in industry-standard XML format is critical to making your data fully useful to your clients. It ensures institutional continuity, fosters good data maintenance practices, and, where appropriate, advertises your data through metadata publication. Students will build ArcGIS Metadata using ArcCatalog and Metadata Conversion tools. You will learn how to transform metadata between the ArcGIS model and the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) standard. Classroom exercises will allow students to gain a better understanding of components of the FGDC standard, as well as how to use metadata templates and options for evaluating the quality of their metadata. Metadata maintenance posting and publishing protocols, as well as ways to make your metadata accessible and useful to your GIS users, will be shown. The class workbook contains a screen-shot walk-thru of the ArcGIS metadata structure with useful hints for what is necessary to build FGDC compliant metadata.

    Performance Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Students will leave class with complete, error-free, FGDC-compliant metadata that has good user value.
    • Students will gain an understanding of key sections of the FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee) standard.
    • Students will learn how to use ArcCatalog's metadata editor to create and update metadata for data.
    • Students will investigate new options for metadata maintenance and workflow available in ArcGIS 10.
    • Students will export their metadata to a standalone XML document, perform quality assessment, and publish your metadata to HTML format.
    • Students will view their metadata as a living document tightly linked to the maintenance of their data set.

      Competencies covered in this course: XML metadata format and the ArcCatalog Metadata Editor. Hints on interpreting the FGDC standard and tips for applying it to real-life workflows. In-class exercises to import, edit, QC and export what you've created

        Intended Audience: Document Your Data: Mastering Metadata is for all GIS data/metadata maintainers. The material is also useful for subject matter experts who do not use ArcCatalog’s metadata editor extensively, but who are responsible for providing metadata content. This class can benefit all GIS users as the techniques, tools, and products discussed comply with industry and GIS community standards and are applicable to any organization interested in building or improving the quality of their data library through more complete and structured documentation.

          Prerequisites:This course requires knowledge of GIS concepts, and the general functionality of ArcCatalog and ArcMap. Completion of ArcGIS I: Introduction to GIS or equivalent knowledge is required.

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