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Information Technology

Active Directory: Group Policy (3 Days)

This three day class focuses on the application and implementation of Group Policy in an Active Directory environment. We will be using both an Active Directory server and a Windows client for the hands-on examples.

Group Policy is one of the best tools an administrator can use to manage their Windows environment. Programmers also should know it because it permeates and influences so much of the Windows ecosystem. We will look at Group Policies from both the server and the client’s side.

This class is geared toward practical application with several short exercises to illustrate the concepts in the real world and comes with a 900+ page book full of information ready for your use. Examples will be implemented sometimes by hand, sometimes using the Group Policy Management Console and, once in a while, with PowerShell.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Implement Group Policies in Active Directory
    • Use the Group Policy Management Console
    • Manage applications and their settings with Group Policy
    • Troubleshoot problems and issues
    • Implement security policies
    • Utilize Local, Roaming and Mandatory Profiles
    • Redirect folders
    • Synchronize folders
    • Use PowerShell to implement Group Policy
    • Describe the purpose and uses of Windows Intune

    Competencies covered in this course: Prepares people to apply and implement Group Policy in an Active Directory environment

      Intended Audience:Windows Administrators or Developers

        Pre-requisites:Windows Server experience of any amount

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