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Information Technology

Data Solutions Using ADO.NET (3 Days)

This course is an introduction to the database tools built into Microsoft's .Net framework. If you haven't built database applications in C#, or need to brush up your skills, this is the place to begin. We’ll cover the information that a C# programmer needs to get started with making data available to a user from a database, and providing users with the ability to edit and store data.
The focus will begin with the fundamentals of relational databases and built-in designers, but will expand to include the 'behind the scenes' components that do most of the work. We’ll use SQL Server, but the techniques can be used with most relational database software, from Oracle to DB2 to Access.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Understand relational databases
      • Tables, primary keys, foreign keys
      • SQL Basics
    • Understand ADO.Net fundamentals
      • Working with data sources
      • Understanding connections and database access
      • Retrieving and updating data
      • Recognize concurrency issues
    • Work with datasets and bound objects
      • Adding and modifying tables using the designer
      • Working with commands and parameters
    • Work with datasets through code
      • Creating tables and datarelations without the designer
      • Accessing related rows through datarelations, command parameters, and queries
      • Understanding row state and row versions
      • Managing referential integrity

      Competencies covered in this course: Prepares participants to use Microsoft’s .Net framework to increase ease of accessing and storing data.

        Intended Audience: Participants to use .Net framework for implementing data access solutions.

          Recommended Prerequisites: Participants should have a good foundation using objects in C#; a basic understanding of relational database is useful but not essential.

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