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Excel Dashboards and Reports (2 Days)

Dashboards, also known as “infographics,” are ideal for delivering information in a graphical, dynamic, user-friendly form; and Excel is a familiar, effective application that will enable you to do just that! In this class you will learn to take advantage of Excel features to create and present dashboards and reports that provide effective and powerful visual interfaces to focus attention on key trends, comparisons and results that highlight what is happening within your business. You will be introduced to basic dashboard concepts and design principles and what it takes to prepare for a dashboard project. Utilizing various combinations of Excel charts, Pivot Tables, Pivot charts/slicers, conditional formatting, Data Validation, Sparklines, hyperlinks, and advanced formulas, you will be able to synthesize your raw data into meaningful visual presentations.

    Performance Objectives:Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Apply basic dashboard design principles and best practices
    • Incorporate “chartless” visualization techniques (conditional formatting, Spark lines, Data Validation, Hyperlinks, the camera tool)
    • Create and work with Excel charts
    • Create and work with Excel Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, and Slicers
    • Incorporate the above tools with advanced formulas such as SUMIF, SUMIFS, VLOOKUPS, INDEX, MATCH
    • Build and develop dynamic data models using the above tools in a dashboard and/or report format

    Compentencies covered in this course: This course is for Excel users that want to display data from excel in multiple dynamic ways

        Intended Audience: Excel, Dashboards, Reporting, Hyperlinks, Charts and Pivot Tables

            Recommended Prerequisites: Completion of Microsoft Excel Level 1 & 2 courses or equivalent knowledge and experience is strongly recommended

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