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Information Technology

SharePoint 2013 Performance Tuning and Architecture (2 Days)

This course prepares SharePoint administrators for the challenges in tuning their SharePoint farms for best performance. There is no “one” strategy that will give the best results, but there are best practices which go a long way. We will investigate tuning the SharePoint servers themselves, the SQL Servers upon which the system runs, and the network which provides communication for the whole platform.

This is a two day class and is geared toward IT professionals that have some experience with Windows Server, SQL Server, and basic SharePoint knowledge.

    Course Outcomes: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Describe the architecture of a SharePoint farm
    • Describe how SQL Server performance affects SharePoint
    • Describe how network performance affects SharePoint
    • Monitor performance of SharePoint servers
    • Utilize health analyzer and diagnostic logging in SharePoint
    • Utilize SQL Profiler to do server side and GUI traces of SQL Server actions
    • Implement SharePoint best practices for both the farm and SQL Server
    • Establish a baseline performance set for your servers
    • Implement proper benchmarking strategies to get the most of your tuning.

    Course Competencies: SharePoint performance tuning and architecture

      Intended Audience: Administrators, Developers and Architects who wish to maximize SharePoint performance


        Recommended Pre-requisite: Knowledge of Windows Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint


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