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Information Technology

SharePoint 2013 for Publishing (2 Days)

Publishing sites have unique features that streamline the authoring, approving, and publishing processes. Course participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for publishing content to SharePoint sites in consistent page layouts by using defined business processes. Explore how to best use the SharePoint 2013’s publishing features and content approval features including gaining hands-on experience creating custom page layouts and applying master pages.

Learn how to create and publish enhanced design public-facing (internet) sites using SharePoint 2013. In this course you'll receive a high-level overview of the publishing workflow and examine the three different publishing templates in action. Explore SharePoint's extensive authoring capabilities. Participants should be comfortable with using SharePoint Team (or publishing) sites from the end-user perspective. Course covers some site member and site owner content. A small amount of code is covered but this courses focuses strongly on non-code solutions. This is not a class to prepare participants to be SharePoint Administrators or network administrators.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Publishing sites
    • Deciding when to use Publishing vs. Team sites
    • Exploring publishing site templates
    • Branding SharePoint with composed looks
    • Branding SharePoint with Custom Master Pages and Page Layouts
    • Hiding and showing navigation controls in Publishing sites
    • Enhancing the Content Creation Process with Publishing Architecture
    • Using Check out and check in for web page editing
    • Approving and publishing content
    • Reverting publishing content to a previous version
    • Setting up a publishing site with workflow

    Competencies covered in this course: SharePoint 2013 Publishing public facing sites.

      Intended Audience: Anyone involved with planning, creating, and managing SharePoint 2013 Publishing sites (i.e. public facing sites). This course covers both site member and site owner topics.

        Recommended Prerequisites: This course covers both site member and site owner topics. Familiarity with SharePoint for team sites (i.e. intranet sites) is helpful but not required. Basic Windows and Microsoft Office Skills.

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