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Information Technology

GIS: Applying Geographic Information Systems (2 Days)

Learning to visualize and share information with maps can impact daily decisions helping to save money, time and resources. In this class you will use ArcGIS Desktop software to expand your use of GIS tools for a deeper understanding of how to apply them to your daily work tasks. GIS data that holds both spatial information and attributes will help you present information in different forms to meet your individual needs. This class will help you learn about spatial and attribute data so you can modify and manipulate geographic data to add values to the existing data for meaningful analysis.

Additionally you will learn to develop a workflow enabling smooth processes and standardization of projects. Students will learn how to apply basic spatial analysis techniques to tabular and geographic data using easy to follow, repeatable steps.

This is the second recommended course for the Geographic Information Systems certificate.

    Performance Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Select data interactively
    • Complete attribute and spatial queries
    • Utilize proximity buffers to determine ‘nearness’
    • Perform feature extraction via clipping and exporting
    • Complete spatial joins using multiple criteria
    • Utilize feature merge to create datasets
    • Create lists of addresses and create new 'geo-coded' datasets
    • Document a workflow
    • Share maps and data results in various formats

      Competencies covered in this course: Expand participant’s knowledge of GIS tools to modify and manipulate Geographic Information.

        Intended Audience: Anyone responsible for using ArcGIS Desktop that has basic skills and experience with the software.

          Recommended Prerequisite: Completion of Learning Geographic Information Systems or equivalent working knowledge is required. Basic experience with Microsoft Windows software for basic file management and browsing. (e.g. Excel).

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