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Information Technology

GIS: Integrating Geographic Information Systems (2 Days)

Data is the basis of all that is done with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and is critical to the successful analysis of spatially based questions. In this course you will build skills in finding, creating, editing and maintaining spatial data as well as learning how to test existing data to determine its spatial accuracy.

In addition you will gain an understanding of geodatabase design and development, GIS data types, topologic rules and spatial accuracy standards.

This is the fourth recommended course for the Geographic Information Systems certificate.

    Performance Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Create and edit GIS data, geometry and attributes
    • Complete 'heads up' digitizing using split, delete and other editing tools
    • Geo-reference a historical, non-GIS paper/digital map utilizing control points
    • Find, navigate and download sources of data online
    • Determine which data storage options are best to use through navigating data types and building a personal geo-database (MS Excel, MS Access, geo-database, raw files)
    • Import, export, transform and manage various data types/sources (MS Excel, MS Access, geo-database, GPS)
    • Utilize Layer files and packages, as well as consolidated layers and map packages
    • Share maps and data in various formats

    Competencies covered in this course: Prepares participants to apply advanced GIS tools and edits to improve data.

      Intended Audience: Anyone responsible for using ArcGIS Desktop who has at minimum an introductory knowledge of GIS concepts and are comfortable navigating basic ArcGIS Desktop tools.

        Recommended Prerequisite: Completion of Learning GIS and Applying GIS or equivalent knowledge or work experience with GIS. Basic experience with Microsoft Windows software for basic file management and browsing (e.g. Excel).

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