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Leadership Development

Managing Transition and the Human Side of Change (1 Day)


We live in a time of unprecedented change.  Yet two out of every three change initiatives fail outright or fall short of expectations.  The reason:  Organizations don’t change, people do!.  Change can be challenging for many people.  It often triggers strong emotions.  The way leaders communicate and facilitate change has a big impact on how supportive, engaged and motivated people are during times of change.


This one-day Managing the Human Side of Change Workshop will provide leaders with fresh insights about transition and change.  You will gain a practical model, tools and strategies for facilitating one of the most critical, yet often most neglected aspects of change management, the human side of change.


Performance Objectives
:  Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand the three phases of transition and change
  • Recognize and positively manage your own mindset
  • Recognize and support individual differences in response to change
  • Support people through the stages of transition and change
  • Deal with resistance in a positive and productive way
  • Build long-term ownership and commitment


Competencies covered in this class: Managing Change, Coaching and Mentoring, Relationship Building, Interpersonal Influence, and Communication


Intended Audience:
  Public sector managers, supervisors, and lead workers who oversee the work of others

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