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Information Technology

GIS: Web Map & App Development: Mapping Data with ArcGIS Online (1 Day)

GIS is for everyone! ArcGIS Online for Organizations (AGO) offers a way to create interactive web maps and web-map applications which can be shared with any website user. With nothing more than a web browser, workshop attendees will learn how to take advantage of ready-to-use online geospatial data and map resources to quickly put GIS to work. They will learn how to create an interactive web map and then create and publish a user-friendly web-map application that can be easily consumed by planners, project managers, customers, and citizens.

    Performance Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course you should be able to:

    • What is ArcGIS Online?
    • Who uses ArcGIS Online?
    • What can I do with ArcGIS Online?
    • ArcGIS Online best practices
    • Making a web map
    • Sharing a web map
    • ArcGIS Online administration
    • Project: Create a web-map application

    Intended Audience: Anyone who wants to learn how to create interactive web maps and applications.

      Prerequisites and Recommendations: All ArcGIS Online functions occur within a web browser. A basic understanding of how geospatial data is consumed is helpful. Get the basics by watching these four videos (external link).

        • Sorry, there are no classes currently available for this course.