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Information Technology

GIS: Mapping Data with ArcGIS for Office (1 Day)

You’ve been using spreadsheets and graphs to tell your story and help you make decisions. A map of your data can give a very different perspective on your story and your decision making.

ArcGIS Maps for Office is an Excel add-in that you can use to create maps of your spreadsheet data. By mapping the location-based information from your spreadsheet, you can reveal spatial patterns, get new insights, tell a richer story, and ultimately make better decisions. ArcGIS Maps for Office also allows you to share your story on websites and provides an opportunity to add interactive maps to PowerPoint presentations. This workshop will get you started with hands-on exercises that will have you flying solo in no time.

Performance Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course you should be able to:

Introduction to ArcGIS Online (AGO)

  • Overview of AGO
  • Overview of ArcGIS Maps for Office

ArcGIS Maps for Office

  • Prepare data for mapping
  • Add a map to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Add map layers
  • Style map layers
  • Manage map layers
  • Perform analysis
  • Share maps and layers
  • Work with interactive maps in PowerPoint

Audience: Excel users who want to learn how to visualize and analyze their data in a different way using maps.

Prerequisites and recommendations: Basic familiarity with Excel and PowerPoint is assumed. A basic understanding of geospatial data is helpful.

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