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Information Technology

GIS: Strategic Planning (1 Day)

Strategic planning is a vital tool for all geospatial programs at any stage of development. An effective strategic plan is crucial to ensuring that a GIS program gets started right. As a GIS program matures, strategic planning methods are important tools for program management, program review, response to change, and problem solving. An effective strategic plan will help you win program approval and funding, ensure that program goals and return on investment are achieved, and keep a program on track in a changing environment.

This workshop teaches strategic planning methods and tools in the context of developing and managing a GIS program. Participants will learn how to successfully select and apply appropriate methods in a variety of situations.

Performance Objectives:

  • Strategic planning models, methods, and tools
  • Selecting and applying the best approach for any GIS situation
  • Developing an initial GIS strategic plan
  • Integrating GIS, IT, and organizational strategic plans
  • Developing an effective action plan and ensuring follow-through
  • Updating a GIS strategic plan
  • Conducting a GIS program review and effecting improvement

Intended Audience: GIS managers and staff; GIS users and program participants; and managers, executives, and other professionals who are involved with GIS programs.

Prerequisites and Recommendations: None.

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