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Information Technology

GIS: Program Management (1 Day)

Today most government organizations have some type of GIS program in place. They vary from being in their early stages, to the rebuilding or tuning-up phase, to being completely transformed as new technologies and applications emerge. This workshop is designed to provide guidelines for managing your GIS program. It will look at the various organizational and technical issues program managers must address in order to develop a successful GIS program.

The discussions will include managing all aspects of a GIS program, from staffing and budgeting to procuring technology and working with vendors. A variety of real-world examples will be presented to illustrate a range of GIS programs and their implementations. This workshop presents an overview of successful, as well as unsuccessful, techniques for implementing GIS.

Performance Objectives:

  • Program development
  • Project management techniques
  • Budgeting
  • Staffing
  • Sustaining program support
  • Managing consultants and vendors

Intended Audience: GIS Program Management is a must for anyone embarking upon a new GIS program, trying to turn around a less-than-successful program, or seeking ways to improve an already successful implementation.

Prerequisites and Recommendations: None.

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