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Information Technology

GIS: Capability Maturity Model (1/2 Day)

This workshop introduces the new URISA GIS Capability Maturity Model (GISCMM). Through a hands-on exercise, workshop attendees will complete an initial assessment of their own GIS operation.

Enterprise GIS is expensive to develop, maintain, and operate. Even small-to-medium-sized cities, counties, and regional agencies have invested millions of dollars to develop their GIS capabilities, and they can have large annual operating budgets. Many recent third-party studies have proven that GIS delivers significant financial return on investment (ROI) to organizations that deploy it as an enterprise business-support tool. However, almost no GIS operation would be considered to be 100% implemented. In fact, most enterprise GIS operations lack important resources to meet all of their potential business needs, their sustainability is uncertain, and ROI varies depending on the maturity of their GIS management practices.

The URISA GIS Capability Maturity Model will be described, along with its relationship to the GIS Management Institute®, including development of the GIS Management Body of Knowledge. The current development status of the GISCMM will be discussed and future uses and activities outlined. These will include development of new GIS management best practices and the offering of an enterprise GIS accreditation service.

Workshop attendees will receive copies of the GISCMM. An exercise will be conducted during the workshop, during which attendees will be asked to perform an initial assessment of their agency by applying the GISCMM. This workshop will be of value to those interested in the development, implementation, and use of GIS management professional standards and best practices.

Performance Objectives:

  • What is a capability maturity model?
  • Origins of the GIS Capability Maturity Model
  • The URISA Geospatial Management Competency Model
  • Theory of GIS Management
  • Development of the revised, peer-reviewed URISA GIS Capability Maturity Model
  • Exercise: The URISA GIS Capability Maturity Model—Step by Step
  • Exercise: Attendee discussion and feedback

Intended Audience: IT directors/managers, GIS managers, decision makers, and operational personnel interested in understanding the overall state of their GIS operations.

Prerequisites and Recommendations: No prerequisite. Recommended for GIS managers, consultants, and academics interested in understanding GIS management.

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