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Information Technology

WordPress Level 1 (2 Days)

This course provides application and theory in a lab environment to give the student hands on practice with web pages. Students will practice and work on common themes, administrative rights and playing with the functions that WordPress has to offer.

    WordPress is a powerful and effective tool to create and maintain web pages, blogs and more. It gives you the ability to work within your web design options including themes, content management, customization and much more. This course is designed to optimize the use of Wordpress in the web design and management of your website.

      Performance Outcomes: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

        • Understand how Wordpress works, hosting considerations and site planning
        • Comprehend and identify the administrative settings and administrative ability for your web pages
        • Manage and create web pages, blogs, posts and widgets by using HTML and CSS files
        • Plan, edit and create layout images to include videos, images and text

        Course Competencies: Beginning Wordpress

          Intended Audience: Anyone who designs and/or maintains a website or blog

            Recommended Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of web pages and site planning

            • Sorry, there are no classes currently available for this course.