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GIS: ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start for the GIS Professional (2 Days) - King Co.

ArcGIS has much more functionality than simple map display and navigation. It has many tools for collecting, creating, and analyzing data. This three-day class teaches advanced skills for using ArcGIS. See how to connect information between tables and mark locations on the map. Practice managing data files, creating new data, and putting the data to work to generate answers to questions.

This class is for those who already know the basics of ArcGIS and want to expand their skills with the software and with GIS in general.

    Performance Objectives:

    Day 1

    • GIS Data Sources
      • GIS data on the Web
      • Esri and vendor datasets
      • ArcGIS Online
      • ArcMap review
    • Projection Basics
      • Spatial reference issues
      • Spatial reference
      • Spatial reference and ArcGIS
      • Setting the projection of data
    • Rasters
      • Raster data types
      • Raster display properties
      • Image analysis window
      • Clipping a raster
    • Joins and Relates
      • Using tables in ArcMap
      • Table relationships
      • Attribute joins
      • Relates
      • Spatial joins

    Day 2

    • Bringing Data into ArcGIS
      • Georeferencing scanned images
      • Importing various data types
    • Creating GIS Data
      • GIS data types
      • File creation
      • Attribute definitions
    • Beginner Editing
      • Editing workflow
      • Tips and tricks
      • Sketch creation tools
      • Feature construction tools
      • Construction methods
    • Advanced Editing
      • Managing feature templates
      • Editing tips and tricks
      • Map topology

    Day 3

    • Geoprocessing Tools
      • Geoprocessing defined
      • Geoprocessing menu tools
      • ArcToolbox
      • Geoprocessing options
    • Labeling Features
      • Label basics
      • Label styles
      • Label expressions
      • Label classes
    • ArcMap Tools
      • Accessing tools
      • Tools toolbar
      • Other toolbars
      • Graphs and reports
    • Advanced Layouts
      • Aligning map elements
      • Clipping a data frame
      • Grids and graticules
      • Inset maps
      • Data Driven Pages
      • Exporting to PDF

    Prerequisites and Recommendations:

      Students should have knowledge of Microsoft Windows® and be familiar with the basic use of ArcGIS, including the topics covered in Fundamentals

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