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Information Technology

GIS: Build Custom Map Applications with Web AppBuilder (1 Day) - King Co.

Put the power of GIS in your pocket! Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is a user-friendly way to build intuitive, focused web applications in the ArcGIS Online platform. No coding required! By configuring ready-to-use tools and themes available online through the ArcGIS Online platform, you can build a custom mapping app that runs on any device.

Anyone who wants to expand their ArcGIS Online knowledge by learning how to create custom, interactive web applications.

    Performance Objectives:

    • Web AppBuilder overview
    • The relationship between ArcGIS Online web maps and web apps
    • Workflow
    • Theme widget configuration and best practices
    • Sharing and embedding web apps
    • Custom app templates
    • Intro to Web AppBuilder Developer Edition

    Prerequisites and Recommendations:

    Students should be familiar with ArcGIS Online web mapping, including the topics covered in Web Map & App Development.

    • Sorry, there are no classes currently available for this course.