Leadership Development

Getting Unstuck: Strategies to Repair Trust (1 Day)


Trust permeates relationships. When there is trust within groups, information flows and issues can be resolved easier. These are core ingredients in a thriving organization. However, when groups experience low trust or a violation of trust, it can be very disruptive to relationships and work systems. So how can groups work through it? This presentation highlights doctoral research on trust repair and provides strategies to strengthen relationships. Further, this session shares a new research-based model and provides tools that become an immediate take-away for all participants to apply at the group or organizational level.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Use the Trust Repair Process Model to provide insights on what strategies to take when trust is compromised.
  • Strengthen relationships within your group and with other key stakeholders by using the Trust Behaviors Framework as a guide or a diagnostic model to target trust breakdowns.
  • Learn and use one to three tools in each phase of the Trust Repair Model to support groups getting unstuck.

Intended Audience: Leaders, supervisors, team members, facilitators, HR consultants

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