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Risk Management

Understanding the Diverse Workforce (1 Day)


Workforce diversity is important to everyone. This stresses the need for all employees to develop the ability to work effectively in a wide range of  differences.

    This course will raise your awareness of understanding the diverse workforce and lead to a greater understanding of the importance of a diverse workforce in today's work environment.

      You will learn workforce demographics and examine individual, organizational, and cultural values. You will learn how these differences affect efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Techniques on communication and problem solving skills will be emphasized.

        Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

          • Understand the importance and meaning of diversity.
          • Describe how diversity enhances the workplace and increases the need to become aware of and use different communication models to accomplish the work mission.
          • Practice behaviors necessary to promote positive results from diverse perspectives.
          • Develop and practice sensitivity to all dimensions of diversity present in the workplace.
          • Identify and be aware of behaviors and language that stereotype.
          • Know the current demographic picture of the state’s workforce.

          Competencies covered in this course: Inclusiveness, Relationship Building

            Intended Audience: Public sector employees

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