Leadership Development

Supervision Essentials-Phase II (2 Days)

Supervision Essentials II is the second in a series of first-line leader training course for state government employees. It builds upon the lessons of Leading Others (formerly Supervisory Essentials I) material. This two-day class is designed to provide leaders with continuing development in the skills necessary for their role as they manage and build their teams, provide their staff coaching and development, and increase their value as a highly trustworthy and competent leader. This class is designed for first-line leaders but the skills taught are equally applicable for higher level managers. The focus for this training is on enhancing a leader's competency in developing and leading a highly productive team. The two-day workshop uses a combination of instructor-led training, self-assessments, and hands-on practice sessions.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Identify the essential elements of a high performing work team built on trust, common purpose, and effective communication
    • Identify how a high Emotional intelligence can impact your leadership effectiveness and your team's productivity
    • Improve individual and team performance through the tools of coaching, feedback, conflict resolution, and organizational systems
    • Identify ways to recognize and motivate all team members, across generations, cultures, and styles, and engagement

    Competencies covered in this course: Self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication and team building, coaching for improvement, giving and receiving feedback, conflict management, motivation, engaging a multi-generational workforce, team development, performance management and measurement, and organizational systems

      Intended Audience: Public sector employees already in supervisory positions

      • Sorry, there are no classes currently available for this course.
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