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Database Administration & Management

Database Planning & Design -Lecture/Workshop (2 Days)

This class provides the foundation you need to understand how tables in relational databases such as Access are constructed and work together to provide accurate information. Learn about key database concepts such as data models, normalization, relational operations, and some data administration considerations.

A text on database processing is provided to you to supplement the material covered in class and to use as a reference in the future. The course includes a mixture of lecture, discussion, and in-class exercises.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Describe database processing and how popular software packages implement the concept.
    • Point out the major advantages of database processing.
    • Provide an overview of data modeling with Entity- Relationship diagrams.
    • Understand how to use the normalization process to design database tables.
    • Give an overview of database manipulation functions, including a brief look at Structured Query Language and relational algebra.
    • Describe the major duties involved in the database administration function.
    • Describe and compare top-down versus bottom-up design strategies.

    Competencies covered in this course: Database Administration & Management

      Intended Audience: Public sector employees who are application developers and advanced database users

        Prerequisites: Access Level I or equivalent knowledge using database.

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