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Agency Overview


The Department of Enterprise Services manages many business and operational services that state agencies and municipal governments need to deliver public services. Our centralized services include facilities and lease management, accounting, human resources, risk management, contracting and printing. Enterprise Services also manages the Capitol Campus.

We bring together the policy, planning and oversight of such services and are constantly working to improve their value and effectiveness and reduce the overall cost of government operations. Services provided by Enterprise Services allow state agencies and municipal governments to focus on their core missions.

Enterprise Services is funded primarily by the revenues we receive from the agencies for which we provide services. We endeavor to use our unique position as a statewide service provider to integrate various support services and provide economies of scale to save the state money and seize opportunities for Washington. In many cases, agencies can either choose to use our services or get them elsewhere; however, some services we offer are mandatory under state law.

We focus on finding the best value for our customers. We do our best to take the time to understand our customers’ needs so they can continue to work on their core mission while we provide "what you need, how you need it and when you need it."

Enterprise Services has multiple locations across the state. To learn more about what DES does, check out our Services page.