Join the Architect/Engineer (A/E) Reference File

What is the A/E Reference File?

It is a central file of consultants' Architect-Engineer Qualifications (Form 330) and web address. Washington State government organizations use the file to select consultants based on qualifications instead of a bidding process for public works projects with an estimated fee under $500,000. A web address is not required, but may be used for further information in the selection process if provided.

How do I join the A/E Reference File?

First, complete parts 1 and 2 of the Federal SF330 Form, if you do not already have a copy. Each branch must have a completed Part 2 relevant to that branch. You will need to upload the completed form for the application process. Then, go to the online A/E Reference File application and follow the directions to apply.

Notice: Please do not include confidential, proprietary or sensitive personal information in your application. Your submitted documents are public record and will be disclosed consistent with the Public Records Act (42.56. RCW).

Who can become part of the A/E Reference File?

The file is open to consultants who successfully complete the submittal process. Inclusion is the A/E Reference File is not a guarantee of work. It only provides the firm with an opportunity to be selected.

When do you accept submittals?

We advertise for submittals annually. However, new and updated submittals are accepted year around. It is the consultant's responsibility to keep their files updated. Simply press continue and enter your firm's UBI or license number and follow the update link.

Do you use the File for other types of firms?

Yes. The file is also used for building industry consultant services. See Trade Categories and Specialties for a complete list.

Do you use the A/E Reference File for 'on call' or larger public works projects?

Separate newspaper advertisements are published to notify consultants of any on-call submittal dates. For larger public works projects with a basic consultant fee over $500,000, a separate newspaper advertisement and submittal is required by law. See Current Projects Advertised for Consultants for a complete list of projects.

New Diversity Tracking in B2Gnow!

DES is now utilizing a web-based system for tracking the participation of Small Businesses and Minority, Women, and Veteran-Owned Businesses on our public works projects. This system is required and is intended to help us track prime contractor, design firm, subcontractor, subconsultant and supplier payments.

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