Dispose of Surplus

Use surplus disposal to get rid of items you no longer need, keep materials out of landfills, and generate funds for your agency.

RCW 43.19.1919 directs state agencies to use Surplus Operations to dispose of their items if the value is more than $500. Public agencies, including state and local government, school districts, tribal government, and ports can send items they no longer need (but still have usefulness) to one central location for purchase by other public organizations or even the public.

How to surplus your items

For items valued under $500, public agencies should learn the three options on How to Surplus Items.

To get your organization started in surplusing items, view the Register to use Surplus Request Management System webpage. The system requires a login ID and password which may be obtained by contacting us at surplusrequest@des.wa.gov. You will receive confirmation within five business days of your request

Surplus Operations is self-funded and mandated to operate in a cost recovery manner.

Submit a surplus request

Once you log into the SRMS, you can submit a request to surplus your items. You will be assigned a surplus authority number within 24 hours. Please send pictures of your items to surplusrequest@des.wa.gov and a Surplus Operations representative will work with you to determine the most appropriate action to be taken. Learn more about surplusing.

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What can my organization surplus?

Surplus Operations can take your good quality reusable items, such as: cars, sporting equipment, furniture and more. However, we are unable to accept broken, expired, poor quality items and hazardous materials. Get additional pointers on surplus practices.

Surplus FAQs

Learn about these topics and more.

  • How to properly create a surplus request
  • Best practice for preparing your surplus items for pick up or drop off


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The department shall sell or exchange personal property belonging to the state for which the agency, office, department, or educational institution having custody thereof has no further use, at public or private sale, and cause the moneys realized from the sale of any such property to be paid into the fund from which such property was purchased or, if such fund no longer exists, into the state general fund.

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