Loss Prevention Services and Training

The Loss Prevention Program provides a variety of services, training, and consultation to assist Washington state agencies, boards, commissions, and institutions of higher education to assist in preventing or reducing loss. 

  • Risk assessments - help agency managers brainstorm agency risks, prioritize the risks at an enterprise level and develop mitigation strategies.
  • Enterprise risk management maturity assessments - help agency managers assess their current ERM maturity and provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Loss Prevention Review Team guidance and support.
  • Root cause analysis training - to determine why something happened and to prevent a recurrence by fixing the cause(s), not the symptom.
  • Risk-based decision making training - a step-by-step approach to empowering your employees to make risk-based decisions.
  • Risk consultations regarding emerging trends.
  • New risk manager orientation - new risk managers learn about insurance, the Self-Insurance Liability Account, tort claim process, enterprise risk management and loss prevention.
  • Quarterly Risk Managers Forums - trainings on various topics—held at 1500 Jefferson Street SE. These forums also provide the opportunity for risk managers to meet and exchange information with peers.
  • Monthly webinars - training on various topics - held at 1500 Jefferson Street SE.

For more information about the Loss Prevention Programs services and training, contact Leslie Atkinson, ERM/Loss Prevention Program Manager at 360-480-9065.