Amazon Business New Account Advanced Setup Guide

Amazon Business Prime provides business-specific features and benefits. The advanced setup guide is for organizations that manage several users, need to create groups, and will use a spreadsheet to add users.

Who should use this guide?

The advanced setup guide is for organizations that have signed up to be part of the state Amazon Business program and:

  • Manage several users
  • Need to organize users into groups
  • Will add users by spreadsheet

If this does not reflect your organization’s needs, please follow the directions on the Amazon Business New Account Simple Setup Guide.

Resources: Training videos

If your administrators have not used Amazon business before, we recommend visiting the Amazon Business video tutorial webpage for helpful overviews on topics like user roles and permissions, create and manage groups, adding and removing users, and members overview.

Getting started

After signing up for Amazon Business, you’ll need a way to track who will be using the business account. Create a spreadsheet of email addresses for users in your organization who will use this program. Using the spreadsheet, you will assign users to groups and set permission levels for each person. See the spreadsheet guide to learn more about how to design your spreadsheet.

Tip: We recommend each organization designate at least two administrators. If you do not already have two, consider making one of your users an “administrator, requisitioner.”


Determine how many groups you will need and their approval workflows (if any). View this video about creating and managing groups to learn more.

Roles and permissions

Amazon Business lets you assign roles and permissions to manage purchasing for your organization. View this short User Roles and Permissions video to learn more.

Before uploading your spreadsheet to send out invitations, be sure to let your users know about the transition to Amazon Business.

Amazon business features

Amazon offers several business features including Guided Buying and Approval Workflow. These features will be beneficial to some teams and unnecessary for others. Account administrators should learn about these permissions and determine if they add value for their team before adding them to your account.

Guided buying

Guided Buying turns procurement rules into easy-to-follow visual signposts for buyers. This can increase compliance and reducing time spent answering employee questions. Guided Buying allows you to specify preferred items or sellers based on set criteria. Guided Buying also allows you to restrict or block certain product categories from purchase.

Approval workflow

Buying policies with approvals increase visibility, oversight, and control for spending across your account. Administrators can designate buying policies with approvals at the group or account level. You can also create custom approval policies for each requisitioner.

Manage suppliers

Administrators can manage their saved suppliers list, access supplier profiles and storefronts, and contact suppliers from the Manage Suppliers page.

Amazon Business Help

Amazon business regularly updates an extensive help page with step-by-step guidance to help you manage your business account.

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