Custodial Services

Department of Enterprise Services’ Custodial Services does every kind of janitorial and cleaning service you can imagine, both on and off the Olympia Capitol Campus.

From everyday cleaning, to periodic floor care to confidential paper shredding to recycling, we are experienced in any kind of janitorial service you might want.

Our cleaning practices are nationally recognized, environmentally safe and modeled after the best industry practices. The staff cleans for health rather than just appearances, employing a cleaning process developed in partnership with the Boeing Company.

For Program Rates and Services contact or 360-485-2515.

Key Reasons To Hire Custodial Services

  • Health. We clean for health first and use only environmentally safe cleaning products, ensuring protection for your employees and building.
  • Experience. We are specialists who are continually trained and updated in the best industry practices.
  • Performance. We perform our work under international guidelines that emphasize the latest innovations in cleaning services.
  • Reliability. We clean your offices and buildings as a team, ensuring secure, reliable service. Our custodians are state employees who receive a modest living wage and benefits.
  • Extras. We offer options for recycling and paper shredding that can be tailored to meet your needs. A composting option includes the collection of organic waste that a local company turns into a landscape product.


  • DES was among the first three public, private or non-profit janitorial programs nationwide to earn green-cleaning certification from ManageMen, Inc., which specializes in facility cleaning and maintenance.
  • National Association of State Facilities Administrators award for a public/private partnership with the Boeing Company.

Our Customers Include...

  • Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Secretary of State
  • Natural Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Washington State Patrol
  • Fisheries
  • DSHS
  • Information Services
  • Transportation
  • Employment Security
  • Senate
  • House of Representatives
  • Governor’s Office
  • Lt. Governor
  • Treasurer
  • Supreme Court
  • OFM
  • Labor and Industries
  • Correctional Industries

...and many more.

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