How Real Estate Services can help

How We Can Help Agencies

State agencies lease over 11 million square feet of office space throughout Washington. The majority of the leases are five-year terms. As program needs change, state agencies may search for new space, change or expand their existing space, or renew their leases. This is a complex and lengthy process full of regulatory hurdles and, in a competitive market, tough negotiations. RES guides you through the process and helps you secure appropriate space at the best possible price.

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Agencies’ Part in the Process

Lease/Design projects are accomplished through the efforts of project teams. These teams are composed of a lease agent, architect, client agency facility planner, tenant representative, the lessor, the lessor’s contractor, and sometimes, the lessor’s architect.

The lease agent is the project leader, responsible for coordination throughout the process. As a team member, the state agency seeking space must clearly define space and parking needs. Work with your facility planner, the lessor’s architect or our architect to plan your office space before you initiate a space request.

Agencies’ Role as a Project Team Member

As a project team member, you will help select the space to lease, participate in the rate negotiations, decide which alterations you need and how much to pay for them, determine the amount of available employee parking, and make many other important decisions. The project leader will lay out a schedule at the beginning, with all events and milestones clearly identified for each participant.

Controlling Costs

Our architects and lease agents are committed to keeping your costs as low as possible. The goal for the lease agent is to rent your space at or below the standard market rate for your area. The architect will evaluate construction costs and approve them before any work is done. Nothing drives up construction costs more than changes. You can reduce or eliminate these costs by carefully planning your space before construction starts. Our architects can help you do that.

Property Acquisition or Disposal

The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) also will acquire or dispose of real property on behalf of state entities. This service may include:

  • Coordinating appraisals and environmental assessments
  • Negotiating easements, licenses, and rights of entry
  • Evaluating conditions of property and title